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zodiac charm add-on

zodiac charm add-on

add a dual-sided zodiac charm to your macramé hanging, cage necklace, or crystal collar cage!

aries- courageous
taurus- trustworthy
gemini- intelligent
cancer- imaginative
leo- generous
virgo- practical
libra- charming
scorpio- passionate
sagittarius- optimistic
capricorn- ambitious
aquarius- friendly
pisces- intuitive


aries- ram
taurus- bull
gemini- twins
cancer- crab
leo- lion
virgo- maiden
libra- scales
scorpio- scorpion
sagittarius- archer
capricorn- goat
aquarius- water bearer
pisces- fish

PLEASE specify if you want it front (ie aries side) or back facing (the adjective) in the notes section at checkout for the silver charms! if not, i’ll do the front facing side.